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Hammers And Fire, the stuff of moving metal.  Visit here to find the art of Beth Hammett,  a Metalsmith of Durham NC.  I am a studio artist working at Golden Belt Artist Studios, an interesting historic textile mill in East Durham. Golden Belt  made the cloth pouches for Bull Durham Tobacco.  Look around  here, and find something that interests you.  You'll find pictures of my work, and also a Blog that covers whatever is going on right now.  Old methods, with a sleek contemporary edge: that pretty well sums up what I do. Who  would have thought that I would end up making things using hammers and fire. I've cooked, I've sewed, and I've painted, but now I find that metal moving is my absolute favorite.  Metal moves; but of course there are tricks that made this magic controllable.   "Makers" are inquisitive, always fiddling around "to build a better mousetrap".  Maybe we get inspiration from an old building, or a tiny weed.  I know that I do. And  I know folks who say that old motorcycles form their primary inspiration for work done in gold and diamonds.  Who knew?  We can peer  into the past and study metalsmithing as done for  centuries; then workout  a thousand new variations and  mistakes on the journey of making  a beautiful or interesting piece in a new way.     I am primarily forming metal with forging, fold forming and shell forming.  So, old techniques; then elements of surprise come in from etching' enameling, or diffusion bonding of gold.   Also, I often set stones, and I mean just about anything from beach pebbles to finely cut gemstones. Let me know if I can design something special for you.  Facebookgoogle_pluspinterestby feather