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An Important Idea — Almost Lost

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 "There is a force, a quickness, that is translated through you into action. If you block it, the    world will not have it. You do not have to believe in yourself or your work. It is not your business to compare yourself with others. It is your business to keep open and aware directly to the urges that motivate you, to keep the channel open."        Martha Graham Well on this page, I finally start this blog and its website.  I have to keep this idea in mind, as it correctly lets you and I know  that a lot of time has been wasted not believing that I could do this work, or build this site.  As I finally get a bit more well from  from a variety of serious energy robbing ailments, I just decided, to heck with all this worrying, and I firmly decided that I'd use my newly found energy to get the work that I been thinking up, into metal and into pixels.  So, this is the beginning. Just need  to remind myself to stay out of the way, and do the work. Here's the technical side of things I'm still developing: 1.  Electro- etching on silver and copper  I  have all the setup, just need to fine tine the process to make it faster.  This is important to Martha Graham's quote, as I have long wanted to put words onto my jewelry, hopefully in a way that is both decorative and meaningful.  I love the idea of wearing, say a pendant with mysterious marks that I and maybe a few others understand.  The idea of using Morse Code to spell out simple words fits here.  The problem to get worked out is the sheer horizontal length of writing a word in Morse Code dots and dashes.  so the best idea I've seen,  is to set the marks for each letter of the word vertical, so that each letter of for example, LOVE, has its own set of dots and dashes in vertical alignment. 2. Simplifying the metal shapes 3.  Inlaying the pebbles. 4.  Surface setting of tiny stones into the silver. 5. Diffusion bonding of 22 k gold onto silver or copper. Here's the fun side:   1. Old maps of Durham, 2.  Finally getting around to the Durham water manhole cover series 3.  Translating the Weeds Series into silver. That's enough for this year.  I'll let you  know  how I get along. PS, I know the website isn't really finished, and I'll find the broken places and fix 'em as soon as possible.  Comment below on any that you find, and suggestions are welcome. BethFacebookgoogle_pluspinterestmailby feather
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